Our clients represent excellence in every industry, and we are honored to serve them. We commit to providing the top-quality services they deserve. We constantly tour every facility to take care of the daily as well as the unexpected needs to be the best possible partner.

Property Management & Building Owners

Our specialists apply their expert training and knowledge of best-in-class cleaning practices to your facility, providing established quality programs and customizable services.

Our leading-edge software is the most innovative, powerful and efficient cleanliness inspection tool in the facility services industry. This technology ensures a standardized and consistent approach, with documentation and evaluation for both the client and our team.


NEFS leverages technology and industry-leading standard operating procedures to drive optimal equipment uptime for our industrial and manufacturing clients. While maintaining a very high level of attention in safety. We have the experience and time-tested results to maximize your facility service spend and improve your operating efficiency.


From the parking lot to the boardroom, your corporate office should embody and exhibit the values and quality of your company. NEFS full line of facilities services experience exceeds our client benchmarks by consistently managing our client’s corporate facilities to the highest industry standards.


NEFS understands that proper cleaning is crucial in healthcare environments. Our team consistently delivers high-quality results that exceed strict healthcare cleaning standards and regulations.

What We Do

  • Infectious disease and hospital-grade disinfection specific to healthcare environments
  • All cleaning cloths and mopping programs use Microfiber technology for better containment and removal
  • Strict color-coding methodologies to avoid cross-contamination
  • HEPA multi-filtration high-efficiency vacuuming technology and dusting
  • Detailed pandemic contingency planning
  • Air-duct cleaning
  • Terminal/perioperative cleaning
  • Reusable and cleanable filtering technology
  • Operating cost reduction guidelines
  • Exceed compliance and auditing requirements
  • Enhance patient safety and satisfaction

Where We Can Help

  • Medical office buildings
  • Medical office buildings
  • Surgery centers
  • Medical laboratories
  • Physical therapy centers
  • Ambulatory care facilities


Amid the ever-changing and evolving situation with COVID-19, NEFS is committed to maintaining essential services at this very important time. The health and safety of our employees, customers, and business partners is of most importance to us. During this crisis, we have and will be actively monitoring the Public Health Agency of the United States Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization for new developments and guidance regarding the outbreak.

During this crisis, we have been moving quickly to promote and facilitate social distancing within our company. NEFS is making every effort to facilitate this in the best way we can. We have also suspended all business travel and employees are discouraged from personal travel. Any employee who has traveled will be subject to self-isolation for 14 days.

We’ve got you covered.

We understand that during this difficult time, facility maintenance services like ours have become increasingly important in order to keep your facilities clean and healthy for your employees and for your business. That is why NEFS will continue to offer the same level as well as an increased level of sanitation and cleaning services in order to combat the transmission of COVID-19.

NEFS employees are trained in executing COVID-19 remediation and decontamination procedures. We’ve already provided decontamination and remediation services to some of our customers.

  • Ramped up high touch cleaning
  • Comprehensive and thorough facility cleaning and disinfection
  • Decontamination services (in response to suspected or confirmed cases of the virus)
  • Additional day porter staffing
  • Contingent trained staff members who can perform critical tasks

Should you require any help or support for your current operation, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-833-615-1100. We are offering 24/7 facility maintenance services during this crisis and have dedicated employees and suppliers ready to support your business by ensuring your workplace is safe and clean.